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Local data base with web browsers

With most new web browsers on the market, developers can use a local database.
This feature should enable the emergence of true online desktop applications !

To date, two drafts are being considered by W3C :

  • Web SQL Database, wich allow SQL.
    This spécification work has stopped, but this is already use by Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome,
    and by the mécanism Storage of Firefox.
  • Indexed Database API, wich not use SQL.
    Today, this specification is approved by Firefox. 

Tthe latest versions of Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera know how to treat local databases,
with HTML5 standard.
This feature is much more interesting than cookies.
On the one hand, the amount of data is much more important,
on the other hand, the SQL language enables developers to build real desktop applications.

  • Google Chrome
    With early versions of Google Chrome, native access to local databases is done with Google Gears.
    Today, this browser also knows SQLite.
  • Firefox
    Firefox does not allow access to databases with SQLite standard,
    but the add-ons 'SQLite mananger' fills this handicap
  • Opera
    Since 2009, the 10.50 version of Opera has released the development with Web SQL Databases.
    All databases are visible in opera:webdatabases
    Access to data is ensured with SQLite.
  • Safari
    The webKit include HTML5 client-side database storage.

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